About Us

We started the Terracotta Herbs Company because we wanted a simple and beautiful way to grow our own herbs at home.

During the pandemic lockdown period of spring 2020, we were spending more time cooking at home, and wanted fresh herbs available whenever we needed them. It made sense to grow our own at home, but getting together the right combination of pots, compost and seeds proved to be a right faff.

Existing online herb-growing kits disappointed us, because they come in cheap-feeling plastic or card pots. We wanted something more sturdy and good-looking, and terracotta turns out to be the ideal material, because it looks great while maintaining the right balance of moisture within the pot.

So we created our own Terracotta Herbs Kit, initially for ourselves and our friends, containing three pots and saucers and just the right amount of materials to easily start growing herbs at home.

Thanks for visiting the site and supporting our little home-grown venture! You can read more about our founding story and various characters involved on our blog.

Ernesto & Luke