Terracotta Herbs Kit

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The kit contains:

  • 3x terracotta pots and 3x matching saucers
  • 6x different types of herbs seeds (basil, parsley, coriander, dill, chives and peppermint) so that you choose the three you want to grow.
  • 6x bamboo tags to label the pots depending on your herbs
  • Just the right amount of gravel and soil that you need to fill the pots (the soil is made from recycled coconut husks and is a brilliant growing medium)
  • Organic fertiliser to mix with the soil


Who is it for?

  • For you to grow your own herbs at home on the window sill
  • For you to repot existing plants or flowers
  • For your children, to give them an educational and entertaining activity
  • For your friend, to gift them a lovely experience and detail for their home


There's something ever so delightful about cooking with fresh herbs and with this kit, we've made growing your own easy, convenient and beautiful. This box contains everything you need (except a splash of water) and each ingredient is perfectly measured for minimum hassle. Even our packaging is specially designed to provide a blissful unboxing experience.

Just follow the simple steps in our growing guide and before you know it, you'll be enjoying the smell of gorgeous, homegrown herbs. Alternatively, you can make use of the kit to repot existing plants or flowers. Terracotta has a timeless style and is the perfect fit for the modern city dweller who wants to bring a bit of nature and greenery indoors.

No more having to go to the garden centre and buying a big bag of compost that you don't have anywhere to store. Our beautiful kit comes with just the right amounts of what you need and on top of that our packaging is fully recyclable and eco-friendly.